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  1. Hello all. It was a long time since i were activ in the forum since last. Is cinemavision stil up an running, is trailers, (random from the net working), how is the status of everything? :) Is philip hue json scripts still working? Is it kodi19 one should install?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    4k christmas bumpers. bought it on videohive today. ENjoy! - short film - trailers - commercials 3files zipped into 1 7.zip file bought from envato.
  3. Rippmaster

    upload size?

    Working on a 4k christmas bumper set. what is the maxlimit of upload here? in a single filer? will it work?
  4. i disabeled itunes trailers and now it works. is there any step by step n00b guide for how to use another trailer scraper? workaround?
  5. thx. i was thinking about the trailers and pretty sure i disabled that part of the sequence and then saved the sequence. ill post log tonight if it still wont work. thx a very lot!
  6. Hey all. just switched alot of content inside my already existing folders from regular bumpers to christmas inspired bumpers. I did not edit och rhange the folder structure in any way. It was a year ago i last used cinemavision (sorry for being away so long) but now when i try to run my regular script i get BLACKSCREEN, error check log 1. could anyone help me 2. Where do i find the log? 3. who could help me by reading the loog. plzzzz I rather not want to set up my sequence again. Its alot oc .cvactions starting and stopping kodi hue addon ands some advanced stuff. plz help promise to be good and visit here more often and post good stuff and be nice
  7. plllllz. hod do i get movieposterapp on windows10 to play local posters? it only plays still posters? i tryed downloading but noghting.
  8. I just installerd movie poster.msi but how do i start the program on win10? or is it some kind of command line program? could anyone explain the movie poster program? or does it require kodi? i thought it was a stanadaloen program? http://www.movieposterapp.com
  9. hmm, animated gif. never done that. can animated gifs be of as hi quality as photos and mp4? will investigate this.
  10. Im making some old pictures into "motion posters" or "animated pictures" in mp4 format. I will have like 100 of these, and wonder what medium i shoul use? Main purpose for this is actually to have a "digital photo frame" that suits the 21th century. Existing products isnt smart. You cant have a clock abouve the videos if you use windows and vlc player, ect ect and so on. the app "dayframe" for android seem nice, but it dosnt handle videos. - galaxy tab s2 (good picture quality) but what andid app do i use for shuffeling random through 100 videos? - PC, should i use kodi? can i use cinemavision? or is there any good windows specific program? great would be if there was soft transitions between animated picture? If i use PC, what screen should i use? Tablets have better screens im persuming? (OLED) vs tft screens for pcs.
  11. i found it on my hd. its just a nab from youtube in mediocre quality. its still on youtube as i checked yesterday though. do you need me to upload it here? otherwize its still on youtube for nabbing via clipconverter or similar? ps, in the starwars vidbumpers i upped on this site last year there is a mixed version where i put cinemavision instead of sky movies logo.
  12. yeah i think i managed. ill have a look on my old pc. get back to u in 24hrs.
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