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  1. I searched the forum and saw in 2016 that this was going to be a feature in the future. Has this been implemented yet? I'd love to have IMAX bumpers play when I watch an IMAX enhanced movie.
  2. I got sick of trailers from itunes not working/playing the same handful of trailers every time so I decided to start downloading the latest trailers and putting them on my NAS. However, when they play, many of them are extremely jittery and slow. The audio plays normally but the video constantly stutters and plays slowly so it ends up being way behind the audio. It's not all but maybe half of the trailers do this. There is no correlation between file type or anything like that. If I go into file manager in Kodi and play the trailer by itself it plays fine so it's definitely an issue with CV. Anyone else experience this with local trailers?
  3. Another update. I think I figured out where the problem is. I'm almost certain the issue is with itunes trailers. If I use the other scrapers it works fine, albeit with atrocious quality. It must be 360p max (even though I set it to 1080p). With itunes only selected most of the time trailers fail to play, if I try enough times (and I have to restart Kodi each time) trailers will play using itunes but it's just the same 4 or 5 trailers problem I mentioned in the original post. So I'm assuming that's on your end? Some kind of access issue? If anyone could investigate would be much appreciated.
  4. Welp I did a complete reinstall of CV and now it won't even play trailers at all. It just says one or more items failed to play, check the log. I go to check the log and that gives me an error too. I guess it's RIP cinemavision. Right after I shelled out money to buy the Philips Hue kit so I could use it with cinemavision.😢
  5. I have those settings turned off. I only have itunes trailers selected because the quality of youtube and tmdb trailers is unwatchable even at 1080p. That shouldn't be the issue though because i've always used just itunes for trailers. I think reinstalling CV will help but I keep forgetting. I watched a movie last night and sure enough for the 100th time it played trailers for Morbius, The Matrix Resurrections and that damn Gru movie 😁
  6. That's the weird thing. When I ran a test sequence it played different trailers. I have had it set to mark trailers as watched after since the beginning and this feature has never worked. Even months ago before this issue when it played a variety of trailers I would still run into the same trailers occasionally. Anyway I guess I will try deleting and re-crating the sequence and if all else fails I'll reinstall CV.
  7. So I have it set to play 3 trailers before the feature. However, 90% of the time the trailers would be for weird indie movies or foreign movies, never mainstream stuff. So I tried changing it to new and bam! It started playing trailers for actual well known movies coming out soon e.g. Death on the Nile, the King's Man, the Gru movie etc. But after several weeks it became apparent that it ONLY played trailers for this select group of 4 or 5 new movies. Sick of the same trailers every time, I changed it back to default. This did nothing though....still the same 4 or 5 trailers every time. I even tried deleting the sequence and recreating it but no luck. Am I missing a setting somewhere? Should I just re-install the app? I am using the latest version for Kodi 19.3 downloaded from this site.
  8. I couldn't find anything on this. Will cinemavision work with the newer bridgeless Philips hue bulbs? All the instructions mention creating a user with the philips hue bridge but the newer generation of bulbs use simple bluetooth. Anyone know if it's possible to set up actions with these bulbs?
  9. Simple as that. It just doesn't work. Can't discern why even after looking at the pastebin. It's just stuck in demo mode. I have all the content in the right folders, I hit update content and it brings up the loading thing and half a second later it goes away like it failed and nothing has changed. Still says to go to settings to enter the content path. I tried installing the latest version which I downloaded from this site and the only change is the GUI and it actually does start to play a trailer but then after 1 second it stops to buffer and doesn't play again. But it should play my own local bumpers first before the trailer anyway so it's still broken.
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