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  1. Works like charme on my end too. Not a single hickup 'till now. And even the "2in1 cvactions" are behaving like supposed to. Thanks for your tip
  2. Great! So we found the/a solution. Thats the Main thing. And we were all nOobs at one point. No need for apologies.
  3. Ahhh...I think we found your problem The action file can't work at all, as it's disabling an addon you don't have installed *hehe* I was assuming you were already using this newer ambilight addon. But you're still using the older one. So all you have to do is to change the "script.kodi.hue.ambilight"-part in the cv-action with "script.xbmc.hue.ambilight". This will send the correct command for disabling the addon you are actually using
  4. You are welcome I don't think anything might crash if you change it from default 8080, but I don't See why you should... But as i use yatse myself, i can tell you that you can edit the port in its settings if you want to change the port within kodi for some reason.
  5. Okay then this would look like this e.g. for disabling: I've additionally attached the action files with your given "fake data". Those can be easily edited by you. And just as sidenote: I'd recommend not changing the port from default 8080 to something else. At least in my scenario that's the only one where everything worked. Disable_HueAddon-Rippmaster.cvaction Enable_HueAddon-Rippmaster.cvaction
  6. Yeah, I guess the incomplete user/password might be the problem as it leads to problems for authenticing the en-/disable order in the action. I'll check in tomorrow again
  7. Yes I would recommend setting up user and password as it's generally a safer solution. Just take a look at this under point 1 to find where to setup this. I don't hink you have to enable this, as it's all taking place inside your local network. no thats not right. i recommend setting up a username and password like mentioned above. If you do so, your final action for deactivating the addon would look like this: (change the "<>"-parts with your data) and the action for activating the addon would be this: If you setup your files like mentioned above it will work. I can guarantee it based on my own doing Generally speaking this shouldn't matter at all or interfer with your cinemavison actions as they globally deactivate the addon regardless of what kind of movie (short or full feature) you play. I hope this helps to get your setup rolling. Feel free to write again if you get stuck.
  8. Did a clean re-install like suggested and quickly rebuild my sequence from scratch. What can I say: it works. No new problems (for me) comapred to 0.0.47 and as stable as before And the new "resume-action" works like charme. I'm loving it. Thanks again for implementing this feature so quickly. Only thing still not working is those "multiple actions within one CVACTION", but you already mentioned that this will be done in 0.0.49. Nevertheless I've uploaded the corresponding old.log whith the none-working 2in1 action file (http://xbmclogs.com/pda04xcrz). See line 662. And the log without the 2in1 action file (http://xbmclogs.com/pidw17vrh). As well as the 2in1 action file attached. Eventually this might help. 2in1_start.cvaction
  9. Faster than light you are, once again. I'll give it a try tomorrow and give you feedback on how it performs. This time even with a properly done log file if some crashing might appear One little side note (if worth mentioning): since installing cinemavision the first time on my machine, Kodi gives me the wellknown "common cache error"-info on startup... Only completely rebooting the AFTV makes this go away,for the first time kodi launches. Just restarting Kodi doesn't.
  10. Yes that's right, multiple actions in one CVACTION file don't work yet. But as all the other important stuff was fixed, I didn't want to sound ungrateful and so termed it "my whole sequence is working again" And it sounds really, really great that the pause action will be included. Absoultely awesome!
  11. I guess thats not possible. At least as far as I know. Because disabling an addon globally via a cvaction is the one thing, but changing settings within the addon via a cvaction might be one layer to deep ... But don't worry. Even though that's not possible you can easily accomplish/workaround this with some clever positioned cvactions. As I assume you like to maintain the "hue addons" behaviour to put on the lights when you press pause (->theater mode)? If so, just add the attached cvaction in the general configuration of the cinemavison plugin->actions as action for pausing a sequence. By doing so (adjust the "hue" & "bri" settings inside the action to your liking), the lights softly dim up again, if you pause your main feature or trailers, etc. Just write if something's unclear or you need a more detailed description. Hue-Pause-Sequence.cvaction
  12. I've attached my working actions for you. As premise your hue ambilight addon should be activated under kodi addons. Then just add those actions in the cinemavison sequence editor: - "Disable_Hue-Addon.cvaction" after your trivia-module - "Hue-TrailerLights.cvaction" before your trailer-module - "Hue-FeatureLights.cvaction" before your feature-module - "Enable_Hue-Addon.cvaction" at the end of your sequence And in the general configuration of the cinemavison plugin->actions: - "Enable_Hue-Addon.cvaction" as action for aborting a sequence You will of course have to insert your data for the "<>"-parts inside the action-files to make this work in your environment. Adjust the "sat","bri" and "hue" values inside the Hue-TrailerLights.cvaction to meet your desired low deep red color Hue-FeatureLights.cvaction Hue-TrailerLights.cvaction Disable_Hue-Addon.cvaction Enable_Hue-Addon.cvaction
  13. noiprocks


    New fixed-actions work like charm. Eventually you might add the info to the "en-/disable addon actions" that you should include your defined kodi user&password for http-access? So that it looks like this: Thats at least for me the only way for getting it to work
  14. Did some testing now and everything works as it should. But only when adding two consecutive actions. If I put both orders (first disable hue plugin and then then add new light parameters) into one action file than cinemavision hangs/freezes/blackscreens. This is how the 2in1 action looks:
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