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  1. Dangit, now I need to come up with a name for my home theater. Maybe something relating to Doctor Who (the laptop it runs on is named the TARDIS), man I've always been terrible with names.
  2. No one else decided to join in :'( Well, here is my Cinemavision setup if anyone cares. http://imgur.com/a/fz3rs#0
  3. Very much so, I was going to make a request for the context menu to allow movie sets, but it was already implemented before I had the chance.
  4. Will they stop playing after all of them are displayed? And I don't remember any source option to define the files seperate from the trivia.
  5. It would be great to have a module for static images, one that will play all the images in a given folder with the same transitions as the trivia, and perhaps music as well. I found some logos on demo-world I'd like to use but can't find a way to do so.
  6. I can chip in, I haven't become a "producer" because I haven't had need to download that much data,
  7. This may be an odd request but most of the movies in my library happen to use AAC audio, is anyone willing to cobble together a bumper for it (or even a generic one, for any audio type) I don't really care about the formats themselves and I don't care if AAC is lower quality, I only use the audio bumpers to match the theater experience.
  8. I think it would be awesome to have "movies from your library" as an option for trailers. That way we can have a part in the sequence to show off what is available, that could catch the groups eye.
  9. Arithine

    Show off your KODI!

    I just figured it would be cool to have a topic for people to post examples of their KODI setups, I know a lot of work goes into getting them just right so don't be afraid to show off. Let me get things started http://imgur.com/a/ttucb *Side note* An imgur widget in the forums similar to the one the kodi forums had would be nice, may not have to big a use case though as most of the things being shared will be hosted on this site anyways
  10. Hey! I'm arithine, I found xbmc in around 2010 but didn't have enough HD space to make much use of it. I got back into it about the time the name changed and have since spent countless hours poking, prodding, and tweaking it to perfection. I mostly watch TV but feel I need something like cinemavision for completeness sake, and even though I won't use it nearly as much as some of you I really look forward to crafting my sequence(s) as maticulessly as everything else.
  11. When I used Cinema Experience I downloaded a bunch of "smooth jazz" from soundcloud
  12. This will setup your file tree (also, love the way the forum is displaying my link)
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