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  1. Ok. I made my preliminary tests and it works like a charm. I used the script I found in the thread below, but I modified the command parameters to switch between stereoscopic 3D mode off and stereoscopic 3D mode SBS, this way I can control exactly when I want the projector to switch between 2D and 3D modes. I can also modify this script for TAB movies, introducing a script to switch into 3D TAB mode immediately before the feature presentation.
  2. I found another script in thi forum wich turns on and off the refresh frequency feature in Kodi. I want to give it a try, because the lag problem is very much relates to frequency change. If I change the commands in that script, I think I could be able to control turning the 3D feature on and off.
  3. Understand. Unfortunately, it has no networking capabilities, that is why I wandered if I could indirectly control the projector switching between 2D and 3D mode by controlling Kodi switching between 2D and 3D mode, and the projector just "follows the lead".
  4. Ok, let me explain. Kodi enters in 3D mode whenever it plays 3D media, detected according to the Kodi tagging convention for 3D media. I have a full 3D sequence, with a safety intro in 3D, trailer intros in 3D, audio bumpers in fake 3D (I made them for the projector not to switch between 3D and 2D mode when playing the audio bumper), etc, everything is in 3D when playing a 3D movie. But trailers are not produced in 3D anymore, then I will necessarily have to switch into 2D mode, with the corresponding lag in my projector for switching between 3D to 2D and then back to 3D again (unfortunately, I cannot fix that, unless I manage to download trailers in 3D and put them in a separate folder, but the idea is to play current movie trailers). If I turn the "switch 3D off when stops playing" feature in Kodi, it will turn the 3D mode off everytime a video bumper, movie, or whatever it is playing in 3D stops, regardless the next bumper is also in 3D. This introduces double lag in my projector: when switching from 3D to 2D, and when switching back into 3D mode when the next bumper starts. In order to minimize this, given the full sequence is in 3D, but the trailers which are played from themoviedb or iTunes, I want to keep the 3D on all the time, but I want to introduce a specific commands after the 3D trailer intros and after the last trailer is played to turn 3D off and on, accordingly. If I keep 3D mode on all the time, trailers are not well displayed, because Kodi (and the projector) takes the left half of the screen as if it were the image for the left eye and the right side as I it were the image for the right eye, creating the frame sequence effect for the active shutters to work (in simple, they are not displayed properly). I don't know if it is more clear now.
  5. Is it possible to trigger specific Kodi commands through action scripts? I specifically want to turn off the 3D interface when start playing trailers and turn it on again after the trailers are done, this is because my projector takes 5 to 10 seconds in showing the picture everytime I pass from 3D mode to 2D mode and vicersa. If I use the embedded function to turn off 3D everytime a clip ends, it will turn off the 3D and then turn it on everytime a video bumper ends. If I keep 3D permanently on during the whole sequence, trailers look overlapped, since Kodi plays them as if they were SBS files. Rather, O prefer to control when the overall 3D in Kodi turns on and off with specific commands (or actions) in specific points of a sequence. My projector automatically enters into 3D model when Kodi enters into 3D mode. Thanks in advance
  6. What a wonderful piece of software! I my country, cinemas are mandated to display brief clips at the very beginning with some safety recommendations for people at the cinema. They usually indicate brief instructions on how to behave in case of an emergency, what to do and not to do in order to avoid accidents, and how to identify emergency exits and points or reunion of the venue in case of an emergency. I got some of the clips of two of the most famous local cinema chains and add them to the very beginning of the Cinemavision sequence, in order to make the presentation more real in terms of our local cinemas. I will show some of them in a brief video, later.
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