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  1. Hi Ota, this is something i cannot confirm. In my setup the content path is set to my nas drive and the sequences are safed in: Content Patch/Cinemavision/Sequences.
  2. Thank you Ota! Is there nobody from the developers participating in this forum? They should be able to explain, how their app works....
  3. Thank you OTA! Sounds like Queue is the CV Term for a Kodi Playlist. In my case i will keep this option activated as i do not use Kodi Playlists. One Movie at a time is enough;-)
  4. Thank you OTA! I have read this thread but i could not really find an answer to my question. After trying out i made the following observations: Guardians of the Galaxy is Genre= Science Fiction and Studio=Marvel but it uses the Sequence for SciFi, not for MCU. Also the whole movies from the Star Wars Series use the SciFi Sequence, not the one triggered by the Studio. My impression is that the Genre has a higher prio in the Conditions than Studio. Therefor i think my main question is: What logic is CV using when one movie fulfills the requirements for 2 or more sequences? Is there a priorisation between the conditions like GENRE > STUDIO > ....?? Is there a way to pimp the autoselection criteria like "first ask for studio, then for Genre..."? Kind Regards
  5. Hi! I have set my Cinemavision Folder on a NAS drive wich i am accessing trough SMB. I use this folder from all my Devices: 1) Android Mediaplayer Zidoo x20 with Kodi 18.7 2) HTPC with Win8x64 and Kodi 18.8 3) PC with Win10x64 and Kodi 18.2 My CV is set up to update the database every time the editor starts. Is there anything special i need to consider to make this work on all my devices? Are the sequence conditions applicable for all devices (are the conditions safed in the sequence or in the local CV-Installation)?
  6. Hi! Sorry for asking such stupid questions but english is not my native language: Can somebody please explain the intended effect, if i activate the above mentioned settings? Maybe i am just to stupid to understand what a "Queue" is... When i start CV from the Movies Menue, the Queue Editor displays me the movie and a List of my sequences. Usualy a sequence is already selected based on the Autoselect Conditions. Does "...if only one item queued..." mean the Queue Editor is skippen when i have only one sequence??
  7. Dear All. Can somebody please give some background information on how to best work with the conditions for Autoselection? What is the logic behind it? Example: I have a Sequence for MCU Movies triggered by STUDIO = MARVEL STUDIOS I have a Sequence for Star Wars Movies triggered by STUDIO = LUCASFILM I have another general Sequence for Sci-Fi triggered by Genre = Science Fiction How can i make sure, a Sci-Fi Movie from Marvel Studios autoselects the MCU Sequence instead of the Sci-Fi Sequence?
  8. Hello together, i am using a bit of a exotic setup with Kodi 18.7 on my Android Mediaplayer Zidoo x20 with the XBMC Wrapper: The Playercorefactory.xml (PCF) of the Wrapper is used to controll that the first part of the Sequence (including Theater Intro, Trailers, Audio Bumpers, Countdown) go through the Kodi native player, only the feature Film itself is transfered to the Zidoo player to use the full potential of the hardware accelleration of the box. Kodi considers the Zidoo Player as an "External" Player. This means that after the countdown is through, Kodi retuns to the Movie Main Screen and it takes a few seconds before the Feature starts from the Zidoo player. This is not a big deal but it interupts the nice movie mood created by the CV Sequence. Question: Is there any possibility to fill this transition with something like a black Screen, while the Zidoo Player with the Feature is starting in the background?
  9. All. My analysis would be that the problem of the strangely displayed sequence names comes exclusively from the MODIFICATION of existing sequences. If you create a sequence, safe it as it is and never touch it again than everything is fine. But as soon as you - Modify an existing sequence or - safe it under a new name then the mess with the sequence names happens. Can anybody from the developers comment on this? Would be nice if you could fix this bug in a future update. Thanks!
  10. ......AAAAArrrrgh!!! Sorry, now i need to stand corrected: The Problem is NOT coming from the parenthesis! I created a new sequence based on the Edison Bumpers with 1 comercial and 1 trailer and safed it under Edison 1W+1T. Then modified it with 2 comercials and 3 trailers and safed the new sequence under Edison 2W+3T. And this is what i get:
  11. Hi OTA, you were right, the above mentioned problems only appear, when you use parenthesisi in the sequence names. Sequences withou can be safed, modified and safed again without these strange hickups. At least to my experience... @dyhometheaterguy: can you confirm? looks like you have your issues even without parentesis in the sequence names.
  12. @rdsp: Thank you for clarification! For the time beeing i will stick to the a12 version that i have installed now until i do a major update to my player as it works too well to risk another update....
  13. ....i will check and then come back.
  14. @Friffy1: Thank you, that alligns with my impression. I think, this ball goes to the developers: Would be great if you coluld clearly indicate within this thread, what the latest developement release version is. @rdsp: I think you are correct related to the latest STABLE version. But i was asking for the last DEVELOPEMENT Release that this thread is related to.
  15. ...stupid Question: What is the recent Version of the developement release? My installation indicates 1.1.1a12 but the whole thread here just talks about 1.1.1a10. And the download section does not indicate the version available for download. How can i see if a new developement build is available??

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