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  1. I have already posted the same problem here: https://cinemavision.tv/forums/topic/1406-dolby-atmos-and-dts-x-flags-in-kodi/ My impression is that nobody of the CV Authors seems to know, were the Audio Bumper information is supposed to come from to have an effect in CV: - The Kodi Audio Flag - The Filename - The media Information of the video file ....
  2. Just to mention: The above described Problem is still there in 1.5.0:I Created a new Sequence, safed it as "MCU" wich led to the file MCU.cvseq. Then i modified the sequence, safed it under a new name MCU 4k (File: MCU 4.cvseq). But the load window displays this sequence as "MCU (MCU 4k)" and not like expected "MCU 4k". ....still pretty confusing.
  3. ANY Update is highly appreciated!
  4. @rdsp I think it is not fair to say that Kodi is "BREAKING" any Add-ons. The Add-ons still fuction like they did before. But if the Platform that the Add-ond run on (=Kodi) changes then is is simply a matter of fact that the output of the Add-ons is affected as well. It was not Team Kodi´s decission, that Python2 is not supported anymore and nobody is forced to upgrade to Matrix before your most beloved Add-ons are adjusted.
  5. I Have updated tp Matrix as well. Now i miss CV
  6. I Upgraded to Matrix as well, unfortunately at the Price of loosing CV
  7. Hi! Any news to this topic, now that 19.0 is out? Has anybody already tried? I am stil on 18.9 with CV working just fine...
  8. Hi! Any news to this topic, now that 19.0 is out? Has anybody already tried?
  9. Hi Guys! ....strange that this is not working🤔 But somehow CV must have been designed to play Atmos and DTS-X Bumpers. Otherwise there would not be dedicated folders..... What conditions must be fullfilled to trigger a Atmos/DTS-X Bumper? Based on what does CV decide wich Bumper to use? Glad to hear that you are working on the Matrix Compatibility of CV👍 Maybe the 3D Audio Bumper Problem can be adressed in this major Update as well? Kind Regards
  10. ...more a question than a Feature Request: With Kodi 19 just around the corner and CinemaVison not listed on the Matrix Repository (yet) i woud be curious if Cinemavision will run on Matrix?
  11. Hi Guys! from my experience Kodi cannot detect 3D Audio Formats directly. You need an ".atmos." or ".dtsx." in the filename to make the corresponding flag show up in the library. And then it denpends on you skin, what properties are displayed. e, g. Rapier has a flag for Atmos and DTS-X, Estuary has not..... So my media files have the atmos or DTS-X Info in the filename. But this is not considered by CV. See screenshots in post #2.
  12. @MartinsVision: ...correct, Filename, not Folder.
  13. So this is clearly a CV Problem, not an error from Kodi: Kodi flags the movie correctly with Atmos but when switching over to CV the splash screen clearly indicates that this flag is not transfered. Here the movie is just marked as Dolby Digital + and consequently the incorrect DD+ audio bumper is played. See pictures attached. Can anybody from the developers comment on this?
  14. ...to answer my own Question: Rapier needs a "atmos" in the file name do tag the Movie correctly.
  15. Hi! I know that Dolby Atmos and DTS-X are no "Stand Alone" formats as they need to be embedded in a container e. g. a Dolby Atmos Audio Track inside a Dolby TrueHD Container but i still would expecz that CV uses the Atmos Bumper whenever a movie with a Dolby Atmos Track is played. From my experience this is not the case. The Audio Bumper from the Container is used e. g. True HD. Therefore i ask myself: Based on WHAT is the Audio Bumper selected? A Movie can have several Audit Tracks with different formats. In my example: The corresponding video file is named XXX.atmos.iso. The corresponding Movie is taged correctly in Kodi (Leia 18.9 with Rapier Skin) as a 4k H.265 Movie with Dolby Atmos 7.1. When playing the Movie i can confirm that really Dolby Atmos is given out to the reciever. But still Cinemavision does not use the Atmos Bumper. Same Problem with DTS-X. Does anybody know how to fix this? ....and not to forget: Happy Christmal to all of you;-)
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