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  1. Hmmmm this is a tough one..... I am not familiar with this Bond movie, so, the guy in the background of phoenix slides is a villain? I am asking because it gives me more of a horror movie feeling when i am looking at it. Leatherface Killer The first one of phoenix´s reminds me too much of "The Beach" with Leo, so thats a big nono ;D Just from a simplicity factor, the most un-distracting slide for me is polargeeks with the bullet. But on the other hand, just the bullet may be boring for some people... As I said, its though and i havent really decided. Either the third one from phoenix or the bullet from polargeek..... Maybe someone else can chip in and if ill decide, during today, i will post my definite winner.
  2. Afaik they are thinking about implementing this in the next development cycle
  3. Afaik you can manually delete or move the quotes to a folder where they will not be seen by CV. All the special things, like only showing slides that match a specific genre or movie will be worked on in the second round of development.
  4. Oh, trippy stuff [emoji1] Looking good as always Phoenix!
  5. Haha, well that was an easy fix [emoji1] I often find myself having more fun tinkering with settings and skins than actually watching media [emoji1] The CV button will be available at Mikes next repo update for sure. Have fun with CV!
  6. Yes, the 'Use local paths instead of addon redirect for playback' setting is correct. That needs to be on. Just to be sure, I recommend that you reset your emby database via the plugin and do a fresh scan with the setting enabled. Next, which Version of Kodi are you running? The CV Context Launcher is only available for Kodi 15.x (Isengard). On previous versions it will not work. Also, which version of Mikes Nox Mod are you running. Its odd that you dont see the CV button at all. You did look for the button on the info screen of a movie, right?! I think that Mike added the CV button only on the Github version of the skin. The monthly update was held back because there is (was?) a problem with a script the skin is depending on. Here´s what i would do: (If you dont mind starting mostly fresh and setting things back up) Do a full rescan of the emby db via the kodi addon Update Kodi to the latest version Delete under /KODIFOLDER/addons "context.cinemavisionlauncher" and "script.cinemavision" and under /KODIFOLDER/userdata/addon_data "script.cinemavision" (DISCLAIMER: I am not at my kodi machine right now, the names of the script and context could be not completely right, but you will find the right ones ) Delete under /KODIFOLDER/addons the skin.aeon.nox.silvo folder and, if you installed the repository, the repo.silvo Reboot your Kodi machine, it should now show the "Confluence" skin Take a deep breath and enjoy the clean air of your kodi install Go to Mikes Github and download the zip file of his skin (or use git pull if you are familiar with git) Unzip the skin, rename it from skin.aeon.nox.silvo-master to skin.aeon.nox.silvo (Again, i am not a my kodi machine and am just doing this from memory) Make sure you have the required and recommended scripts installed check here (To get some, not all, needed scripts automatically, you could install the original aeon nox side-by-side to the silvo mod) Install CV addon and the context launcher addon from the official Kodi repository Setup the CV addon Reboot Switch to Mikes Skin and hopefully you are ready for a Movienight As for the pathsubstiution problem, here is my limited knowledge...When i enabled the direct path setting and did a rescan of my library, i couldnt play any files afterwards. I got the "This file is not in you library anymore. Do you want to delete it" error. So i checked and found out i have to setup pathsubstitution. You could test that very easily. My settings are as described in the picture, but i am using a docker version of the emby server, so that will be very different to your paths. I would just try around with different combinations and if you cant get it to run, the devs over at the emby forum are veeeery helpfull and reply quickly Just from a quick glance i would try, From: \\servername\movies TO: smb://YOURSERVERIP/movies but that could be totally wrong Hope i didnt forget anything....
  7. I have exactly the same setup. Even the same skin. For CV to work correctly, you have to use "direct path" in the emby for kodi addon settings. If you have your media files on a network storage an use e.g. Samba to access your files via Emby, you also have to setup "path substitution" in the emby server settings. If you need more help, most is already explained in the emby wiki, let me know. Glad to help [emoji1] Btw. I can use the CV context launcher and the skin button without a problem
  8. Not really sure if this will work, have not worked with action files yet. But can't you create a new action file and put both the actions for hue and tellstick into this one action file?! Afaik commands have to be separated by an empty newline. Maybe give it a go, if you find time :-)
  9. Thanks for this set. There are two typos in the title :-) get some sleep phoenix :-D
  10. Awesome, can I have that Saber now?!! *Disney Generation script* ;-)
  11. Don't worry master, the good side is strong in me ;-)
    You have a type in the download description. These slides are for PIB and not Madagascar Thanks for the slides!
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