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  1. Is it possible to have the trivia match the movie? I have the trivia for the Matrix movies and I would be cool if those trivia had a bigger chance of being displayed when watchin a Matrix movie.
  2. I have installed 1.1.1a12 and it works a lot better including HUE addon. 🙂 My LibreElec and addon are up-to-date. Thanks for your help.
  3. I have disabled HUE service. CV still crashes. I also disabled Embuary Skin and Embuary Helper. CV still crashes. kodi.log
  4. I have random crashes of CV or at least I suspect CV to have problems. Sometimes CV just exist to main page. Sometime is stops with black screen. The home button brings my to the home page. Trivia - no problem (all local) Trailers - problems some times (all remote) Audio bumpers - problems all the time (all local) Rating images - many problems (all local) I need pointers to figure out if this is a CV, Kodi or my Setup, that is the problem. kodi_crashlog_20210809175137.log kodi.log Note - the crash log is from a different run then kodi.log.
  5. kec2

    File names

    Does audio format bumper files have a specific naming standard? The reason a ask is because my audio format bumpers are not loaded.
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