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  1. I ran into this recently as well - take a look at the 404 code. After some digging, for whatever reason there's an extra "h" being appended to the "h1080" in the url call. Test above by changing "hh1080" to "h1080" from the 404. My present workaround: I modified the line of code adding that extra h. This can be found in line 111 of script.cinemavision/lib/cinemavision/scrapers/itunes/__init__.py Change url = re.sub(r'(480p|720p|1080p)', r'h\1', url) to be url = re.sub(r'(480p|720p|1080p)', r'\1', url) You can do this by modifying the source zip (for kodi 19 here https://cinemavision.tv/files/file/676-cinemavision-add-on-development-release-for-kodi-19/), re-zipping, and installing your modified zip file with this change. I haven't fully verified other impacts, but this 2 min fix allows 1080 iTunes trailers to be played flawlessly on my system. I've watched >10 movies now in the full setup with seemingly no impacts. I notice some trailers are being marked as broken when clearing in the CinemaVision's advanced settings GUI - unsure if related, but thought I'd mention incase others see something. Additionally, I turned of all filters by genre and rating for reliability, and disabled the "Auto Select" option for my sequence as I was experiencing similar problems to others (refs https://cinemavision.tv/forums/topic/1394-cv-throws-an-error-when-launching-a-4k-video/). This means I have to manually select my sequence at runtime - no big and should be unrelated too, but this manifested for me recently after playing many movies successfully with this change. Just sharing my recent troubleshooting to hopefully short circuit any further issues with the broken bits we've got in 2022. I'm not sure what's up with TMDB, but hope this helps to get high quality iTunes trailers working again for you!
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