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  1. @gamephoenix Any word from Motion Graphics on the curtain thing?
  2. Well see about that, it's not the end of the world to help community with a few bucks. Anyway, which version do you prefer or think would be better? I think a blue version would also be great.
  3. Did not yet have the time to play with adobe after effects and I think since i'm a n00b when it comes to after effect it's faster (and better) to just buy one. This would be great. Does he create a open and closing version?
  4. Found a pretty good tutorial on how to create such effect your self. I'm going to have a play with it and see how it turns out, seems to be pretty easy
  5. Also found this site. http://www.shutterstock.com/video/search/?autocomplete_id=&language=en&lang=en&search_source=&safesearch=1&version=llv1&searchterm=red+curtain&site=videos Maybe they are cheaper there. I'll see if I can grab one if it's not to expensive. Found the same items on shutterstock but they are double the price, pond5 is way cheaper. My favorite so far is this one, spotlight effect is pretty cool. http://www.pond5.com/stock-footage/1008522/opening-and-closing-red-curtain-spotlights.html
  6. Maybe we should split this subject into a new topic?
  7. As requested, hope it helps http://pastebin.com/AzfWXTW4 I'll wait for next version to see if issues still persist.
  8. Still looking for great curtain video's. Got 1 but it doesn't look that good and takes to long plus quality is bad.
  9. Okay, tested first change in version 0.0.30 which is important for me and this is the result. [- 0.0.30 -]- add: When the experience is run with no queue, it uses the selected itemIt indeed directly starts and shows movie in queue as with original procedure, it starts playing audio format bumper (the only one enabled in sequence) but didn't play movie afterwards. Maybe i did something wrong not sure. Note: Did not start from scratch since i expected minimal impact on the DB's and settings. Will do a clean setup later today. Test.cvseq run-without-queue.log settings.xml
  10. New version is up I see. Seems to fix most of my issues. Good Job
  11. Love them but don't know in which folder to put them
  12. @Ragnarok I configured default 2D sequence like you said but it didn't played the movie after it. Although I have everything disabled (no trailer now) I expected it to play the movie anyway. 2d-sequence-set.log
  13. Okay, thanks for the tip. Will test it later and report back. /edit: Noticed when selecting default 2D CVSEQ I can browse local storage/folders but can't when saving any. When you want to save to local folder you need to create folder in Kodi filemanager that points to local storage/folder. Is that intentional? all-disabled.log all-disabled.cvseq
  14. Created a clean setup of Isengard stable on a Windows10 desktop, made a copy of confluence skin and added button to DialogVideoInfo.xml (as mentioned in Kodi forum topic) Tried to reproduce bugs found in previous versions and so far only found 1 (others seems to be gone), trailers keeps playing although it's disabled. (CV version used 0.0.29) Attached are sequence and log file. I also find the way of using CV not that user friendly. First you need to add items to queue and then you need to launch CV experience. I understand the queue thing if you want to see more then 1 movie but maybe a workaround or other argument when you only want to play 1 movie and launch CV experience in 1 click. (override play button would be a nice to have) all-disabled.log all-disabled.cvseq
  15. This is the best quality i could find for age 12 And another one for age 6 in much lower quality
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