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  1. Hello Everyone, I recently purchased the WiZ Connected Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs (they don't require a hub) to use primarily in my theater/game room. I would want integrate them with my Kodi 18.9 on my Nvidia Shield TV Device along with Cinemavision to create those Action files for the lights to dim or change colour for the pre-show material and then completely turn off before the movie starts and to turn them back on when the end credits start rolling. Can someone help me out as how to accomplish this. I don't know exactly which API these bulbs use. Link of the product is below. WiZ Connected link: https://www.wizconnected.com/en/consumer/products/8718699787370/ Thanks
  2. Yes I want to run on My Shield TV with Cinemavision. Can you point out to me to approach which people or developers on the forum that might be able to help me or say a specific thread? On the other i found this link: https://github.com/sbidy/wiz_light Does that make any sense to you?
  3. Hey I checked the link it mentions that a KODI JSON RPC API is supported. Here is the link of WiZ API support (just tell me lf I am correct), there are a few but at the bottom of the page you can see the name "Swifty JSON". Would that be of any help? https://github.com/WiZLighting
  4. Hi there I acquired the WiZ Wi-Fi LED bulbs. They are working with google home/google assistant as well as their own WIZ aap. But now I would like to create some action file for them to be able to control them in cinemavision. How would I do that? Need guidance step-by-step.
  5. https://www.wizconnected.com/en/consumer/products/8718699787370/ I found these to be cheaper than Yeelights. Will these work with CV+Kodi? What are your thoughts?
  6. Which brand of smart bulbs you are using and do they require a hub? Are you running Kodi via Nvidia Shield TV? Can tell me the whole process step-by-step as to how you accomplished it. I will try to buy the Yeelights hopefully in a few weeks time. Also can you share your script/action files and and how to modify them if so needed to tailor it to my needs. Regards
  7. With CV I would want the lights to dim to a certain % or change colour while playing say a trivia, trailers, audio bumpers, countdown and when the movie starts I would want them to turn them off and turn them on once the movie ends. How would I accomplish this? My guess is via some action module scripts. Though I am not sure. I saw a video where you can use an Kodi add-on called YeeMe (For Yeelight bulbs) but it is limited to just 4 bulbs and can only be used by Kodi. I want it to integrate with CV (I play my movies via Kodi but using CV). Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hello everyone, I have being doing some research on Smart Lighting solutions for my Theater area which is setup in my basement. Philip's Hue is a significantly expensive option (as I don't live in the US, very high import duty). The only other option that is not very cheap in build quality but yet affordable is the Xiaomi Yeelight solution. Is there a way I can get the Yeelight to setup with CV/Kodi to act as one intends to in a theater area. I would want to control the lights simultaneously with my cell app well. I won't make the Yeelight product purchase until I reach an informed decision. If there are other cheaper alternatives please do let me know. Regards.
  9. Thanks it worked. I would want to know one thing. Is there a way where I can randomly generate my downloaded trailers? I put my downloaded trailers in the Trailers folder of the CV Folder. However I made separate folder genre wise. Is there a way I can randomly cycle these trailers? The way I am getting them to play is selecting the directory option and selecting the path.
  10. Okay so here is the good news. Looks like link you provided above that CV version seems to have made it to work, but that too in a couple of attempts. I would want to know one thing. How would I add my movie to the Sequence timeline? I guess the " Feature" module may have to do something with it. What I have noticed is that if fire up Kodi and then play a movie file of my choice and immediately stop, then go to CV and load then sequence and play it after the entire sequence the movie will automatically play (my guess is the last movie you played CV plays the last known file). But I want a method where I can add a movie file to the sequence timeline. Making it more streamlined.
  11. Hi there, I successfully installed the service add-ons but I am having problems generating a proper sequence. 1) I followed the written guide. My custom sequence is the following: Movie Trailer*2>Audio Bumper> Feature>Command. What I essentially wants is 2 Movie Trailers> Audio Bumper> Some pre-show message stating that Please be seated as the movie is about to begin, Do not talk loudly disturbing other viewers, Cell Phone Silent,No smoking etc. (Although I have no such video or image and if you can provide me with one that would be cool). Followed by the full 2-3 hr movie. Now here is the problem. When I set the Trailer to be played by iTunes the screen goes black. If I press the back button on my Shield TV remote the app exits. So what I did was downloaded 2 trailers of YouTube and put them in the Trailer folder within the CV Folder. I did the same for audio bumper as well. But to my surprise only once did one movie trailer played (out of the two) after that my screen went blank and it got stuck there. Upon pressing the back button on my Shield remote the app exited. One thing to mention I did save my sequence and gave it a name. Help needed.
  12. Okay I just sent through the guide and got stuck to a part where it tells you to install the CV Service Add-Ons. I went into CV and into the Preferences>General>Extras and there I do not see any Services add-on (only the greyed out Context menu add-on installed). I also went in the Add-On Manager>Install from repository and there I could not see a Services add-on option. Help needed.
  13. Hello everyone, This is my first post on this forum.Recently learned about CV and am a complete newbie when it comes to integrating CV with KODI on my Nvidia Shield TV. I did a brief read up where it says that you need an HTPC for a start to be able to use CV for creating the pre-show material. I own a gaming PC but have never used it as a media centre or a HTPC. I wouldn't want to use my PC while watching movies on my Shield TV using the KODI. Can someone point me out where to start from? What are the steps I should follow. Links to download trailers or any streaming options? I would also want to add public messages like not to make noise while watching movie and to respect other viewers, not to smoke and turn cell phones to silent mode etc. Guidance needed. Regards

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