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  1. Thanks for the reply. I finally managed to get it working, I still have some ironing out to do, but decided whilst I am doing it I will document it all. I may need some further assistance when it comes to some of the more advanced features, but do feel its worth documenting. If someone would like to contact me regarding the documentation please do, I intend to at minimum post on the kodi wiki, however if you have any preferences please do contact me. Thanks again
  2. As title states, I am really struggling when trying to get this app to work. I have tried following the guides however it prompts me to download files, however if I follow that link I get told "Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file." As I am unable to download the files it has left me trying to figure it out myself, however I do not know what the files are even supposed to be (avi, mp4, png Jpg etc) let alone any format or structure I may need to follow. I have on a couple of occasions got as far as playing a small mp4 file and then a short clip stating placeholder for feature but only on the editor screen (run cinemavision from program addons), and even then its hit and miss. without even editing I can watch it rarely, but mostly get a black screen. I am going to begin the now with the log to see what else I can figure but thought I would post here Thanks in advance
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