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  1. Have A Amazon Fire Stick 4k that I have loaded the new Kodi 19.3 and the new CV addon so am in testing for a movie night this Sat.
  2. I wish, ran the movie night tonight and it was about 3/4ths of the slides were blurry. On the upside the entire sequence ran without a crash (coming attractions bumper, 2 trailers, policy bumper, audio format bumper then the movie). I was shocked. But still working on the blurry slides.
  3. Had an issue with Kodi library, updated it and set Fire TV to CMYK. All slides-trivia and trailers-bumpers ran correctly and movie started perfectly. The 1st time, 2nd try was about half and half blurry.
  4. After checking the logs on a hunch I switched the color mode of the Amazon Fire TV to CMYK mode. Have now run the test sequence. All slides perfect, all intros and trailers run perfectly but bombs out at the feature start.
  5. Another 3 minute run crash to black screen. kodi.log kodi.old.log
  6. Here is from a short 2 minute test run. Most trivia slides were blurry if not all. kodi.old.log kodi.log
  7. https://pastebin.com/HigVLCy9 From a movie night on the 23rd (Tuesday) this week. I'll get another up today from a fresh run of Cinema Vision. Slides that were blurry was completely random. Definitely would go for a dozen blurry then would be clear for 10 -12 then blurry. kodi.old.log FYI i sideloaded ES file manager and then ran the FTP on the AFTV and downloaded the kodi log and kodi old log at: /Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/temp
  8. Checked and all the slides are 1920 x 1080 HD sized.
  9. Kodi 18.1 Fire HD TV Cinema Vision Ver. 1.1.1 I have not been able to post my logs to pastebin as I get an error message. I setup an account at pastebin.. Any other way to get the logs?
  10. Anyone have a weird glitch where the 1st couple or maybe even 10 slides are super blurry like they are not rendering all the way.. Then magically at slide 7 or 10 they clear up. Repeats 100% of the time when I test out a sequence. I'm using Vibrant Trivia and some Croods Trivia and some others and I can't figure out what the issue is. Any help is appreciated! TY
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