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  1. I messaged for the link pls send it thanks!
  2. Has there been any update from the devs on a new version for nexus? If its money im sure some us can reup if needed. This project is so important and unique its worth saving folks!
  3. Sometimes it doesnt complete the segment, but it could be because of something im doing also this happened occasionally on 18.9 as well, Im not super concerned because its infrequent, but i am curious to know if this project will continue when version 20 of kodi comes out.
  4. Can anyone say if this project is dead or alive? It seems it doesnt work with 19.3 or 19.4 and 20 is right around the corner it seems from the kodi team. I really hope this isnt DOA it is a huge part of the experience.
  5. Hi all, Is this still in active development or is 1.5 the final version? Also does it work correctly assuming all of my content is locally stored with the newest kodi build for windows?
  6. If you are passing audio through to your receiver then thats probably why. Same thing I have going on.
  7. Working with a12 on 18.9 thanks for the file link! Anyone know if I can have it run echo routines?
  8. Ok so a quick update, I was able to get everything to work perfectly using 18.5 but I had to manually install 1.1.1.a10 first and then install the official repository version on top of it and replace it. This works flawlessly every single time. I’m going to try the a12 with 18.9 that someone graciously linked for me above because I couldn’t find it the download link anywhere. A12 is newer then the offices repository version correct?
  9. No what’s happening is that randomly the script will black screen and the log says aborted. I was able to get everything working with trivia etc however randomly it does this black screen. I can run it again without changing anything and it will work. Any thoughts?
  10. Yes trivia seems to be frozen when in combination with trailers etc.
  11. I am using is there a different version that’s higher posted somewhere?
  12. Im having a weird issue hopefully someone has experienced and can fix. I am running 18.5 and cant get CV to play any trailers after the trivia, it just black screens. I have a very simple setup, trivia, 2 upcoming trailers, 4 individually ordered sound test and the the feature. If I disable trivia the whole thing plays perfectly, if I dont it dies after trivia no matter where it is. Im running version Any Thought?
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