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  1. Side note , if I install the previous version it works again.
  2. My CinemaVision has stopped working, I just noticed there was an updated version. It does not open at all from Cinema Mode or the Context Menu Launcher. Just gives me CinemaVision Error check log. Here is my pastebin ...http://pastebin.com/GzHfZzcN
  3. Followed the Guide that you sent me to look at Ragnarok. Have set it up successfully in my home theatre room. SmartThings is very easy to setup and understand. I sent the Wink Hub2 packing back to the store it came from. Thanks.
  4. Perfect I'll give that a go. If I ever get the Wink going I'll put a guide together and share it with the community here.
  5. Would I be better off with a SmartThings hub? I have one arriving this week sometime. Is it easier and more user friendly to implement. All I want to do is have all my LED pots lights controlled using CV during my sequence. The stuff in the API articles when I click on the link and, am I suppose to run those calls in Python or something. I think that's what confusing me the most.
  6. So I'm assuming I needed to go here to get a API OAuth token? https://developer.wink.com/login Here is what I entered for a new application, is this correct? No idea, is the website suppose to be the address of my Wink Hub?
  7. Thanks Ragnarok for the response. The problem I'm having is all the documentation I still I don't understand what I'm suppose to do. How do I get the Outh2. Do I click on something on that page? No clue how these API things work. When you say create a scene on my Wink, do you mean create a shortcut? All I get on the app is shortcuts, robots, activity. I apologize ahead of time for my dumbness on this. The home automation setup by itself I get. And Cinemavision by itself I get, but putting the two together seems out of my league.

    Wink HUB2

    Just purchased and installed a Wink Hub2 along with a Leviton Z-Wave Dimmer. I would like to create an action in CV that will Dim the lights connected to that dimmer at a certain time in my setup. I have no idea where to start. I tried following one guide I found but no luck. Help please.
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