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  1. I use the same version (1.1.1). Everything except DTS-X and ATMOS seems to be detected fine. The log shows the detection of all other formats like DD+. The fallback was a test, but it doesnt matter what is set as fallback. It seems that even the atmos/dtsx string/flag in the filename isnt recognized properly. Tried to set the type of all action to 2D like i read in an other post but without luck.
  2. Hi, sorry for my late reply... with newest i mean the latest one from this site "Kodi 18+". Here some parts of the logfile: Let me know if you need more from logs. For me i correctly named the file and kodi recognize it as atmos. Cinemavision qeue shows up DolbyTrueHD+Atmos. Log says not detected.
  3. Hi, when i start an atmos or dtsx file, no audio-bumper or only the setted fallback is playing. I have Kodi 18.9 with the newest CV version installed. My atmos and dtsx files have this flags in the filename like titel.atmos.ext. Kodi recognize the files correctly and CV shows in the qeue-windows TRUE HD+ATMOS as audio format. All files are in the corret folders. This happend after the update to the newest version. In my older installation with kodi 17x and CV from repository it worked. Any ideas? Regards
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