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  1. I think most people would be very happy if any further development, added features and such were put on hold but the CV itself in it's current form would get the required bump to continue working with the latest versions of Kodi. This and 1 other addon that is seemingly simple yet cause a huge silly argument with "Team Kodi" are the reasons I've not upgraded.
  2. Hope this are well. Glad to know more work on CV is progressing. I'll keep coming up with crazy ideas and see how many get implemented!
  3. Is there an issue preventing these slides from being downloaded?
  4. 2 and 4 I have answered by myself. I now have a few more questions, specifically about conditional sequences. First, it would be great is one of the conditions was based in full or in part of the file name. So if I want a sequence for only Star Wars movies I don't have to add tags to each of them because they are all already named, in part, Star Wars. Second, it would be nice to be able to select trivia slides from a specific folder. Like above if I want to make a Star Wars conditional sequence I only want Star Wars trivia slides. Third, like trivia slides it would be cool to be able to select from library trailers by certain tags, file/folder name etc. I have a conditional sequence for Best Picture Oscar winners and seeing trailers for other BP winners would make it perfect. Is Ragnarok still out there???
  5. Older thread bump. I have this working well for 2D sequences but for 3D the projector wants to refresh for every video. Is there a solution for 3D? Also, when the projector refreshes for the feature in 2D and the handshake between projo and HTPC through the receiver happens the KODI OSD shows up and is annoying for 5-10 seconds. Can this be resolved somehow?
  6. Is it possible to make a mother module with several daughter modules nested within? Example, for my pre-show I would like to run some trivia slides, then a funny commercial, then back to some more trivia, then another commercial, and so on for a 30 minute pre-show time. I'd like to be able to skip these nested modules with the up arrow but if/when I decide it's actual showtime I'd like to skip the entire mother module with the Page Up button. Is this currently possible and if not can it be worked into a future version? Maybe make a module that will run another module?
  7. Still can't get any CV sequence to work because I can't change the inactive status. The add-on is now broken for me and that's very disappointing.
  8. I second using Z-Wave. Once you get the controller (the Micasa Vera is a great choice) you can add modules for all sorts of things. Just replace existing light switches or plugs and you can control everything through the app and then program CV. Check out the Clanhold Cinema video on YouTube for a quick demo. The house has been outfitted with mostly Z-wave everywhere now.
  9. Yes, I am on the PC where all the files are located. I can access the sequence files in Notepad++ and edit them and save them and those edits appear within CV in Kodi but I can not change the status from red Inactive to Green Active while in Kodi.
  10. I'm looking for a few answers so figured I'd put them all in one place. 1. Still having issues adding local or network directories with videos for trailers, cartoons etc. that can be easily selected by CV. I've had to resort to editing the CV sequence file with Notepad++ to make any directory/network changes. 2. As I posted elsewhere I can not save a CV sequence from the editor, specifically changing the active status. I just get an error saying CV can not save to that location which is the same location the file is in. 3. I think this is a newer feature but I've not seen any demo or been able to figure it out. Is it now possible to create several sequences that are delectable once clicking on the CV button within the skin? For example having a "Full" and a "Short" sequence I can chose between so I can see just a few trailers and audio bumpers rather than the full main sequence. I don't specifically mean the conditional sequence either if the movie selected fits into one of those. 4. On the dis-able/enable of refresh rate I've never gotten this to work but I would like to as when running CV on a projector it takes 5 seconds (Kodi setting) between each video for the projector to refresh it's rate based on the next video, even if it's the same as the previous. If I add these action files will Kodi just force each video file to conform to the set re-fresh rate? If so, how should I handle this for 3D content? 5. To add to #4 I also get audio drop-out between each video on my receiver so I tend to lose a second or so of audio when each new video begins. Is there a way to set the audio output to a specific codec (DD5.1 works for me) and have Kodi stream all further content as such? 6. Last to add to #4 is the on-screen display popping up often after refresh rate changes. Is it possible to disable that, including for the main feature?
  11. I am having an issue getting the CV sequence (any of them) to save. I get an error that says something like CV can't save to that location even though it's the same location I loaded the sequence file from and I can access the file manually with Notepad++. I've also been able to edit the sequence with Notepad++ but do not see any entry to chance the active status within the sequence file.
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