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  1. Perhaps i'm misunderstanding what the function can do then. Trailers are all good, working amazing. What i was ultimately hoping to (within kodi, not external program) was on pause launch a 15 minute video as a intermission. My understanding is intermission is still not working within CV. but then the actions could have lots of useful purposes, yet still i don't seem to be able to pass any argument to kodi (windows apps work). Maybe this is not possible. When i run the search example from CV website, Global search opens, but doesn't pass the argument: addon://script.globalsearch hi Above is what i'm testing - search opens but doesn't pass "hi". that's the bit I'm failing to grasp. Advanced launcher (or any other kodi addon) throws an error to the log Error Type: <type 'exceptions.ValueError'>. Cheers
  2. Hi Matt, thanks for the reply. Yeah i read through the examples but nothing relating to arguments built into to kodi. What i'd like to do ideally is on pause launch an action in kodi. Let's say open a video folder or file. If that's not possible perhaps launch another addon such as advanced launcher but this is where i was struggling as i couldn't work out the syntax for the arguments. i've tried args that are used in adv launcher such as : <args>ActivateWindow(10025,&quot;smb://192.***.*.**/HomeServer/Videos/Movie Trailers/&quot;,return)</args> but i just get invalid argument error. Thanks again
  3. Hi all, I'm struggling to understand how to include an argument, for example. addon://script.globalsearch arg arg i would assume the arg would be the string being passed to global search. Does anyone have a working example please? Thanks
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