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  1. gazzazh

    Add on issue

    Thanks Ragnarok, I was able to get it working. my mistake was not selecting the movie after i start cinema vision. Silly mistake but i thought that once you start the add on and select play it should select the movie automatically. I think i can disable queuing for single movies in the options. Thanks again
  2. gazzazh

    Add on issue

    HI, I was able to get everything to work i am have one issue. After starting cinamvision, it will go thru the sequence i created without out any issue but one. Once it reaches the feature, it will stop and go back kodi movie menu. Can anyone help. thanks
  3. Thanks, that solved the problem and add on installed. Thanks again
  4. Thanks for the help. I am using kodi 15.2.
  5. HI, I downloaded the zip file into my sd card, went to settings- Add-on- Install from zip file. Selected the cinema vision file then i got ( Add-on content structure error ) What am i doing wrong ? Thanks Your help is appreciated

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