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  1. CinemaVision crashes when trailers are loaded, it's hit and miss but mostly from iTunes (also if I only use iTunes, I get the same trailers over and over) and then it also crashes when it tries to launch the main feature. I am using PLEX via plexkodiconnect to run the main feature. Again it's hit or miss if it works. I've noticed CV doesn't ever crash when playing locally stored files though (pre-rolls and bumpers locally on my server) Not sure what I can do to troubleshoot it. Running CoreElec (Kodi) 19.4.0 and CinemaVision 1.5.0
  2. This doesn't appear to be working now in the new version of Smartthings app. I was able to find the code (link on the guide doesn't work). But can't access the smartapp in the new version of Smartthings. Anyone know how to get this working now in 2022?
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