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  1. What about an Out-of-server option? Like Rollarr or Plex-Automatic-Playroll? So it seems that this isn't going anywhere, & it seems the reason is waiting for official Plex integration. But I can almost guarantee that that'll not happen. But there are other apps that do this... kinda... But lack the kind of customizations I would want personally. https://github.com/TheHumanRobot/Rollarr https://www.reddit.com/r/PleX/comments/rkvn4w/coming_soon_automated_plex_pre_rolls_v2_with_gui/ I've seen others but they were pretty much the same. The Problem is that they don't give the ability to mix. Like I'd want a random short followed by a random Plex Logo Intro, or a Trailer or 2 followed by a short followed by an Plex Logo intro video. The ones I've tried all sit outside of the Plex Server & run as a scheduled task to update the PreRoll randomizer list every month or on holidays or at different times of the day. Could this not be done for CinemaVision? I heard about you from someone who heard my saying why I didn't like the one I just tried & he said I should check out CinemaVision. It looks perfect... aside from the small probably of not supporting Plex... Just a thought
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