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  1. hello, happy owners of сinemavision. i really like this addon. i must say right away that everything works fine, except for 2 points: 1. i select the movie-context menu-cinemavision and the sequence is played in full, except for the bumper MPAA and the movie immediately turns on. although in test mode the MPAA bumper is reproduced. 2. in my template (embuary matrix) osd is displayed every time a new video starts. i'm reaching out to the community for help! guys, all hope is on you. please help me figure out the display of the rating and find the parameter in the xml, which is responsible for displaying the osd at the beginning of the file playback. p.s. btw... made screensavers in this style (hdr and sdr). if you like it, i can post the rest... theater intro, courtesy
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