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  1. I have exactly the same problem. Can't figure out how to improve it, and I'm also getting some youtube errors popping up when it fails.
  2. Hi, I wondered if 3 months on there is any update since your last post? I think reading previous comments, it's not that users necessarily expect an "it's working now" just some communication on progress as when months pass it feels like it's been abandoned when I'm sure that isn't the case. Many thanks in advance.
  3. That's strange. I dont use slides, but everything else is running well this end. I'm using 1.1.1.a10
  4. i put mine in "profile directory" (on file explorer in kodi - estuary skin). However in CV it shows as U:\users\usermgr0\appdata\local (that's where the letter limit stops me pic attached). Hope that is helpful.
  5. OK, I have a solution. All of the files you want to use must be on the actual Xbox itself for this to work. When my CV folders were on my PC I could find the folders via SMB but the CinemaVision add on just doesn't pick any of it up, despite putting in the correct path. Using file explorer on Xbox one kodi (Estuary skin) I copied the folders and files I needed onto the xbox, then pointed CV to that and it all works fine. On a side note, Estuary isn't the prettiest skin, but it does eliminate the "buffering wheel" between intro's / trailers / main feature etc. Hope that info helps someone.
  6. Yes they all have proper names, been using it for years with no problems. Will update and post log. Thanks. P.
  7. Yes. I am able to find the content with file explorer.
  8. Here is the log file. Hope that helps identify the issue. https://paste.kodi.tv/itixozajiq This shows CV running from the context menu. I can get a sequence of sorts to run via the program itself as described in my post further up this thread. And below a log trying to run a sequence in CV itself. https://paste.kodi.tv/cemugibade
  9. Will give that a go when I get the chance... thanks!
  10. Unfortunately cant post the log. Weirdly once the debug is on and I go through the motions, as soon as I open CV it comes up with an error that the sequence cant be found, and it crashes. Without debug on it finds the sequence...... weird.
  11. Mine is part working, although I believe there to be additional issues using Xbox One. So if I manually queue a film and go into the main CV program and run a sequence it will run video bumpers and trailers, but not ratings or audio format . What I believe is happening is it finds the content I'm directly pointing to in the sequence but when trying to set up CV, a scrape of the content folders does not pick up any content (path is set correctly though). Using the CV context menu just delivers a random trailer plus film, no sequence. I'm using the latest 1.1.1a9 and the most recent context download.
  12. Excuse an ignorant question, is there anyway I can do this on Kodi installed on my Xbox one? I dont have the kind of network access where I can see these files. I could probably find it within Kodi, but then I couldn't cut and paste the code??
  13. There may be very sad reasons why it's all stopped, but a complete lack of explanation means none of us know. Meanwhile you (Sledge) have paid for a product that is now all but defunct, and this website is still selling membership, which seems odd at the very least bordering on downright deceitful given no-one is warned on the front page, or the purchase page that it will not work on current versions. I'm very disappointed in the way the admin have chosen to handle this situation.
  14. So we are either on or about to be on Kodi 18.3 - most people will know that from 18 on-wards CinemaVision is just not working. Any updates from admin on where we are at? Is it worth checking back here every now and then? or has this project now completely finished support? I know the stock answer has been to rollback Kodi, but on some platforms that isn't an option. Any update would be gratefully received!
  15. Unfortunately the Microsoft store for Xbox one does not let you roll back previous versions....... so I guess no CV for a good long while then.
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