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  1. yeah lets hope so, guess i just have to wait to get it back working
  2. Hi, is this addon still alive? @Ragnarok Pity cause i liked it a lot in the past. I'm on kodi 18.5 (about to jump to 18.6) here whats wrong: - As soon as i start the sequence, i get black screen - when i try to install the context menu add-on; i get an error - if it would work again, am i able to add trailers from a playlist from a channel? There are theaters in belgium called "kinepolis", they have their own channel with a playlist showing only trailers that are releaesed in theaters here, it would be cool if i could add it - i'm using a scope skin from vero4k , however all is good until the moment i start the addon, something is wrong with the picture, its not scope anymore, in settings its ok and works as expected. Thx for the help
  3. Yeah well when i pause , lights would go on again, with cinemavision but also without same when movie stops, so i predict problems there :-/ i cant be the only one wanting this
  4. Wont they interfere with eachother?
  5. Will this also work when i start pause or stop a movie when watching without cinemavision too? cause i want both
  6. Hi, I just bought my first hue starter kit. I want to use it with kodi. Can anyone help me how to start? I have 2 groups of bulbs, each containing 2 lamps I want to be able to use it with cinemavision, but it should also work without cinemavision if i press play, pause and stop of a movie Do i need to have the kodi hue addon or not? Thx in advance! (dont have the hue yet, its on its way, but i thought i could already ask so i can get going right away :)
  7. Well, if all video could be inside the 1920x800 it is scope im going to use scopenox skin https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=229199 that way i can mask the top and bottom out.. .but most videos will miss some picture then
  8. skank

    Scope bumpers

    Any change all bumpers (audio, video etc etc) will come in 21:9 scope aspect ratio? I'm going scope, and would love to have this
  9. Coo! Can you inform me when its programmed?
  10. No, i dont mean the interface Yes i mean themes for content for ex i have a theme "christmas 1" , which contains video bumpers (intro in, intro out, intermission, etc etc) Then i have a theme "christmas 2" which also contains video bumpers (intro in , intro out ....) Then theme 3 etc... Now i want those themes random as conditional sequence... So i point to Parent directory "christmas themes", then cinemavision should random pick a theme between christmas 1 and christmas 2 and 3 ... However, it should always stick to the subtheme !!!!!!!! for all bumpers It should not pick the intro in from christmas 1 and then the intro out from christmas 2 you understand? it should pick the inro in and intro out from christmas 1
  11. Hi Ragna, back here Grats with the new siteI saw you made progress with cinemavisionespecially on the conditional sequencesI want this so i tried ithoweveri want sequences for christmas, halloween, summer, etc etceven 2d and 3ddoes this mean i need to make 2 sequences (2d and 3d) for christmas, 2 for halloween etc... right?then cause those bumpers shouldnt use the bumpers the normal bumpers (when date is no holiday) i have to make special folders right?whats the service addon for? doesnt cinemavision update content already? Other thingI think you should consider about themesNow you could have themes for conditional sequences for ex for christmas, halloween, easter, summer, and everything elseBut within those themes , you should be able to use more than one theme so it sticks to the themesFor example for i christmas i have theme 1 and theme 2 and 3If i make the sequence i point to theme christmas as conditonal sequencesBut then cinemavision should auto chose random between christmas theme 1 and 2 and 3 but always stick to the same theme when playing videosi hope im clearNow thats not possiblebut we are getting close !
  12. Instead of translating slides, i want to create new , fresh trivia Question/answer type. With a background. How do i do this easily? For ex with an excell file and then automate process to use on background files or smth?
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